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Electric Fat Bike Leitner Front
Leitner Electric Fat Bike | High Power 500W
Leitner Electric Fat Bike | High Power 500W
Leitner Electric Fat Bike | High Power 500W
Leitner Electric Fat Bike | High Power 500W
Leitner Electric Fat Bike | High Power 500W

Leitner Electric Fat Bike | High Power 500W

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Australia's no. 1 rated eBike brand on Leitner Electric Bikes Review

This Leitner electric fat bike features a powerful 500W high-torque motor which gives plenty of assistance up-hill. You can limit the top speed according to your needs, e. g. 25km/h or up to a max of 32km/h. You can disable the twist-throttle or enable it to go 32km/h. The super-wide puncture-resistant fat tyres are a looker and provide grip on terrain where standard tyres fail, e.g. beaches. Nevertheless fat tyres are fun on asphalt too! The LCD display shows speed, distance travelled and battery charge. The battery cells are quality by Samsung and last for up to 65km on the flat. Check your local e-bike regulations before riding this bike.

  • Suits riders 5'5" (165cm) and taller (guide only)

Electric Fat Bike Features

Packed with features the Leitner Electric Fat bike will help you reach your destination in comfort and style.

  • Motor with 500W continuous power, 750W peak power
  • Adjustable top speed to suit your needs, e.g. 25km/h or up to a maximum of 32 km/h on the flat
  • Twist-and-go throttle can be disabled or enabled according to your needs
  • 48V battery pack with Samsung battery cells.
  • Estimated range with pedal assist mode:
    48V 9.6Ah/10Ah battery: 20-50 km.
    Upgraded 48V 14.4Ah/15Ah battery: 25-65km.
  • Puncture-resistant fat-tyres with reflective side-striping
  • Up to 65km range with pedal assist mode.
  • Includes $100 worth of extras: Front & rear lights, stand, bell and tool-kit to help with assembly
  • LCD display shows battery voltage, speed and trip distance
  • Seat height measured from ground to top of seat: Minimum 84 cm, Maximum: 103 cm
  • Not sure which model is right for you? Read the quick guide.

4 inch wide tyres and front suspension

The serious 4" wide Kenda tyres with knobby profile will find grip even in sand and snow - and they're great on asphalt too. The adjustable front suspension will deliver a smooth ride also over bumps and if you don't need it simply lock it out and save that little bit of extra energy.

Puncture-Resistant Tyres

Peace of mind with award-winning Kenda K-Shield puncture-resistant tyres.

Reflective Sidewall Striping

Be seen with reflective side-wall striping on your tyres providing a large reflective surface area for increased visibility and safety in low-light conditions.

Removable Samsung Battery - Convenient And Secure

The battery is the most precious part of any Ebike. Therefore it's important to use quality parts such as battery cells by Samsung which last for years. Unlock the battery with your security keys and remove it in seconds thanks to frame mounted design. Charge it wherever it suits you best and protect it from theft. You can also charge the battery while it's on the bike. Push the button on the side to check the charge.

Don't Feel Like Pedaling? Use The Throttle!

If you are riding on private property or other suitable locations (not on public roads) you can enable the throttle to go 32km/h on the flat, up to 40km/h down hills. Simply twist the throttle! The red button is an additional safety feature to switch the throttle off to prevent accidental activation.

Just The Right Amount Of Assistance

You hold the power at your fingertips - 5 levels of pedal assistance allow you to adjust the power to your needs. Climb hills with ease or cruise along at 25km/h or up to 32 km/h depending on the setting you choose. The 500W motor will do the work for you - even up steep hills. Feel like getting some exercise? Put the setting to low or switch the power off altogether if you feel like a real workout.

Arrive Safely At Your Destination

Stay safe in traffic with integrated front lights powered by the main battery, a rear light powered by its own battery and a full set of reflectors. Stay in control with front and rear TEKTRO disc brakes and a safety feature which will shut the motor off while braking.

Every Ride A Joy Ride

Ride for hours on this luxurious seat and still feel fresh. The front fork has suspension for a smooth ride also in bumpy situations. The adjustable handle-stem allows you to find your perfect riding position.

Easy To Charge

Charge the battery at any standard power socket with the included charger. No need to wait until the battery is empty. Charge it at any time. It takes about 5 hours for a full charge and less for a partial charge.

Electric Fat Bike Dimensions

Detailed Electric Fat Bike Technical Specifications | Click To Hide


Rear wheel hub brushless geared motor by Bafang, 48V 500W continuous power, allowing 750W peak power.


Aircraft-grade light-weight Aluminum Alloy 6061


Removable 48V 9.6Ah or 14.4Ah Lithium-ion battery with Samsung Battery Cells installed on the frame. Removable in seconds. Check battery charge by pushing the button on the side of the battery. Lock battery to protect from thieves with the 2 security keys.


Mechanical disc brakes TEKTRO Aries front and rear, 160mm rotor

Control Panel

LCD display with 5 levels of pedal assist, switch for lights and voltage display to estimate battery charge level. Speedometer and trip distance meter.


Integrated front lights powered by the main battery. Battery powered rear lights.


front and rear reflectors, spoke mounted wheel reflectors (orange), pedal reflectors (orange)


Can be adjusted and tilted towards rider and away from rider using an allen key to achieve an upride riding position or forward-leaning riding position or anything in between.




7 speed SHIMANO Acera gears with thumb shifter on right-hand side handle-bar.


Kenda 26" tyres, 4" wide - with inner tube and knobby mountain-bike profile, puncture-resistant K-shield technology and reflective sidewall striping.


Front suspension fork, adjustable pre-load, with lock-out feature to stop it from travelling up and down if needed.




48 tooth sprocket, Alloy, 170mm PROWHEEL with Pedal Assist Speed Sensor


Wellgo non-foldable

Maximum Assisted Speed

programmable by user: 25km/h up to 32 km/h




Bike weighs ~28.9 kg with battery, ~ 25.5 kg without battery, battery weighs ~3.4 kg

Carry capacity

Maximum payload of 120 kg. This includes rider and luggage.


2A 48V charger - connect to standard wall power socket. 5-6 hours charge time if battery completely empty. Quicker charge time if battery is not completely empty. Battery can be charged at any time - it does not have to be completely empty.

Seat and Seatpost

Wide comfort seat by Velo.


Electric Fat Bike
Tools to help with assembly
Assembly manual

Buy with confidence

Leitner Electric Bikes are covered by a 2 year warranty against manufacturer faults of the frame and with a 1 year warranty against manufacturer faults of the electric parts. Warranty terms apply.

Once you receive the bike, if you are not completely satisfied, you are more than welcome to return it to us within 14 days. The bike must not show any signs of usage, must be in original packing and the buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. Return terms apply.


Please make sure you read the manual carefully before use! Leitner invests large amounts of time and resources into service and continuous improvement. Leitner eBikes are sold factory direct, so you can be sure of quality and value.

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