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Leitner eBikes is Australia's number 1 Electric Bike brand on and has won multiple "best electric bike" awards.
CLICK HERE to see the reviews. Not only did we receive the highest rating, but we are also the most popular brand.  Thanks to all our customers for recognizing the value of our bikes and our service!
Manofmany, Australia's Largest Men's Lifestyle Site, reviewed 14 electric bike brands and again Leitner was the top brand.



Folding Electric Bike Review - Leitner

In October 2022 rated the Leitner Libelle the best overall electric bike in Australia and the Leitner Tirol the best folding electric bike in Australia.

Leitner Electric Bikes' first priority is customer satisfaction. Not only do we offer
the best electric bike for value in Australia, but we also provide after sales
customer support for every electric bike sold and will work with you until any
issue is resolved. Electric Bikes from Leitner also come with a 14-day money
back guarantee, so that you can shop online, worry free.

Please find below reviews of Electric Bicycles by Leitner

Electric Bikes Perth

Electric Bicycle - Venice Cruiser, Leitner. Blue, with 50km10ah battery
Shirley and Roy's latest addition with puppy in front basket! , Rockingham - WA

 Thanks for the snap guys!

Electric Bike Sydney


Electric Bicycle - Berlin Cruiser, Leitner. White, with bigger 80km 16ah battery
"Baby Gemma is asleep, she loves the smooth ride", Port Stephens - NSW
Thank you Russ for the great picture!

Sydney Electric Bikes

Electric Bicycle - Berlin Cruiser, Leitner. Silver, with bigger 80km 16ah battery

Thank you Jackson Su for the great picture, Summer Hill - NSW

Electric Bike Melbourne
Electric Bike - Leitner venice cruiser with 50km 10ah battery

"I couldn't be happier with the ebike, my puppy is pretty pleased with it also." 

Anne-Marie, Deepdene VIC

Electric Bike Sydney
Dear Mr Leitner, please find attached a picture so that you can see how happy I am with
your bike. 
It’s so great that I absolutely want to take it back to Germany after my stay in 

Regards from Yarrawarrah/Sydney, Greta Elster

Electric Folding bike, Leitner Libelle, with 80km 16ah battery, white

We built the bike last night and we were both very impressed with the quality
of the components, the detailed finish of the welding points, the overall design.

Daniela was extremely happy with her bike, now I am waiting for my Leitner 
bike to be delivered so we can go out together :)

We have already bought two bikes and I recommend them to friends and 
colleagues, whenever they admire the photos.

Congratulations on an outstanding quality product ! 

Kind regards, Mircea. Marden, Adelaide SA,  20 May 2015

Electric Bikes Brisbane

Electric Bicycle - Berlin Cruiser, Leitner. light Blue, with bigger 80km 16ah battery
Electric Bike - Leitner Venice cruiser with 80km 16ah battery

Hi, just to let you know our bikes were delivered today, and I have now 
assembled (see pic), ready for first trial outing tomorrow to set up seats etc.
All good, everything received perfectly and instructions clear.  Look forward
to a weekend ride!

Regards, Stuart Brisbane, Morningside 18 June 2015


Electric Bike Brisbane
Electric Bicycle - Berlin Cruiser, Leitner. Black, with 50km 10ah battery

hey there. my bike arrived safely with no damage yesterday at about 4pm, at which time
i set about the task of unwrapping one 
of the best gifts i've ever received (from a great there was very little effort involved with assembling the parts that 
already on the bike, and they all seated just nicely into the positions that they were meant
to occupy, including the front 
wheel, with only minor preferential adjustments to the brakes
necessary. unfortunately, as the day was starting to darken when 
i had completed the
assembly, i didnt get a chance to test ride it, but i did have a chance to admire the 
craftsmanship. this is a 
really good bike, with quality parts and a great deal of thought
towards the design and appearance. sooo, i suffered through 9 hours 
of work today with 
the knowledge that i would go for a nice long ride at about 2.30pm. the bike performed
awesomely! the controls 
were so simple to use, and the power of the electric motor is 
quite surprising. some very lazy pedaling had me cruising around 
most places at what
must be the top speed (i'll install my bicycle computer tomorrow to get some accurate 
speeds) and i even 
ascended quite a steep hill, making it to the top by pedaling while 
still seated. 
overall, i am extremely happy with my new Leitner ebike and would recommend
them to anyone. my cousin already intends to 
get his own, after only a short test ride of mine.
feel free to use this email as a testimonial/review/endorsement in any future publications
about the straight bar bike.
thank you very much Mr Leitner.
Jase Daley Glennie Heights QLD
Electric Bike Adelaide 
Electric Bike - Berlin Cruiser, Leitner. Black, with 50km 10ah battery

Hi, I received my new electric bike about 12 days ago and am thrilled with it. It is a 
quality product and it came very well 
packed and was a dream to put together.. It 
took me about an hour. Would be quicker next time. Many of my friends are 
impressed. I am quite tall so I was really happy that I could adjust the seat and 
handlebars to suit. Whilst I have all 
the tools that I needed the multitool that came 
with the bike is a great added bonus. This is my first dealing with your company
and I am really impressed with the service and help offered. As mentioned previously
please do not hesitate to give my 
name and details to anyone who enquires of you and
would like to see the bike and try it out here in South Australia.
Many thanks Geoff Mills" Marion, South Australia Adelaide 0468 319 120 

Electric Bike Sydney
"Having done a ton of research on all brands of electric bikes we ended up speaking 
to Leitner Electric Bikes a number of times via phone and email, and the high level
of service and knowledge along with the great specs of the bike were what made our 
mind up in purchasing a Leitner bike. The transaction was easy and seamless and the
bike arrived on our doorstep 3 days later in perfect condition. The bike was exactly as
described and essembly was easy with the supplied tools and instructions. We could 
not recommend Leitner bikes highly enough. Service, price & quality are exceptional.
Thanks so much! The bike has opened up another wonderful
outdoor experience for me. Thanks again."

Lyn B Killarney Vale NSW
Ebike - Leitner Berlin Cruiser. Black, with 50km 10ah battery

Great first ride on my new bike!! Amazing. So much power.
 Great rides continue....
and Im never puffed out or tired of the journey!
Russel Danby, Melbourne



Positive feedback rating

great service, great value , prompt postage, great ebayer


NEW Leitner Electric Bicycle Ebike City Bike 250W 36V 10Ah Lithium 2yrs Wrnty (#181520254385)

Positive feedback rating

Awesome bike thank you

shazlee40 325Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499) 

NEW Leitner Electric Bicycle Ebike StepThrough Bike 250W 36V 10Ah Lithium (#181644120325)

Positive feedback rating Happy with purchase.Thanks

NEW Leitner Electric Bicycle Ebike City Bike 250W 36V 10Ah Lithium 2yrs Wrnty (#181520254385)

Positive feedback rating

Excellent product and service.


NEW Leitner Electric Bicycle Ebike City Bike 250W 36V 10Ah Lithium 2yrs Wrnty (#181520254385)

Positive feedback rating

Very good,thanks imre


NEW Leitner FOLDING Electric Bike Ebike Bicycle 250W 10Ah Lithium Step-Through (#181597468578)

Positive feedback rating

Good service

dom1961 303Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499) 

NEW Leitner DUAL Suspension Folding electric bike ebike 10ah Lithium, 36V 250w (#172126943566)

Positive feedback rating



NEW Leitner DUAL Suspension Folding electric bike ebike 10ah Lithium, 36V 250w (#182048259464)

Positive feedback rating


kowp1 282Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499) 

NEW Leitner FOLDING Electric Bike Ebike Bicycle 250W 10Ah Lithium 2yrs warranty (#171556244531)

Positive feedback rating

highly recommended! Efficient accurate FANTASTIC!

klektik 493Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499) 

NEW Leitner Electric Bicycle Ebike City Bike 250W 36V 10Ah Lithium 2yrs Wrnty (#181520254385)

Positive feedback rating

nice and easy to ride


NEW Leitner Electric Bicycle Ebike StepThrough Bike 250W 36V 10Ah Lithium (#181644120325)

Positive feedback rating

Quick delivery - good product


NEW Leitner DUAL Suspension Folding electric bike ebike 10ah Lithium, 36V 250w (#172126943566)

Positive feedback rating

havent tested prop due 2 wet .but what did 1 awsom bit of work thanks a lot

janet7773 229Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499) 

NEW Leitner FOLDING Electric Bike Ebike Bicycle 250W 10Ah Lithium Step-Through (#171560501524)

Positive feedback rating

Next day delivery, nice. The bike rides well on hills, I'm very happy with it.


NEW Leitner Electric Ebike Bicycle City Bike 250W 10Ah Lithium 2Yrs Warranty (#181520261578)

Positive feedback rating

Rcvd the next day. All put together. Very sturdy. Well packaged. Exc. Seller. A+


NEW Leitner FOLDING Electric Bike Ebike Bicycle 250W 10Ah Lithium 2yrs warranty (#171556244531)

Positive feedback rating

Thanks for the quality item and quick delivery


NEW Leitner FOLDING Electric Bike Ebike Bicycle 250W 10Ah Lithium Step-Through (#171560501524)

Positive feedback rating



NEW Leitner Electric Bike Ebike Bicycle Step Through 250w 36V 10Ah Lithium (#171451841471)

Positive feedback rating

what a beuty i love it


NEW Leitner Electric Bicycle Ebike StepThrough Bike 250W 36V 10Ah Lithium (#181644120325)

Positive feedback rating

was as they said thanks


NEW Leitner FOLDING Electric Bike Ebike Bicycle 250W 10Ah Lithium Step-Through (#171560501524)

Positive feedback rating

Bought this on behalf of a friend and they are very happy

Positive feedback rating

Great Bike, great price, great service couldn't be happier. Thank you Ephram


NEW Leitner FOLDING Electric Bike Ebike Bicycle 250W 10Ah Lithium Step-Through (#171560501524)

Positive feedback rating

Thanks top stuff


NEW Leitner Electric Bicycle Ebike StepThrough Bike 250W 36V 10Ah Lithium (#181644120325)

Positive feedback rating

Awesome seller, fast delivery, helpful overall happy with bike, thanks

doxdeb 797Purple star icon for feedback score in between 500 to 999) 

NEW Leitner FOLDING Electric Bike Ebike Bicycle 250W 10Ah Lithium Step-Through (#181597468578)       

Positive feedback rating

All good thank you

rens4b 237Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499) 

NEW Leitner Electric Bicycle Ebike City Bike 250W 36V 10Ah Lithium 2yrs Wrnty (#181520254385)

Positive feedback rating

great bike thanks


NEW Leitner Electric Ebike Bicycle City Bike 250W 10Ah Lithium 2Yrs Warranty (#181520261578)

Positive feedback rating

Great item for the price!


NEW Leitner Electric Ebike Bicycle City Bike 250W 10Ah Lithium 2Yrs Warranty (#181520261578)

Positive feedback rating

great ebayerAAA+++

redfin47 593Purple star icon for feedback score in between 500 to 999) 

NEW Leitner FOLDING Electric Bike Ebike Bicycle 250W 10Ah Lithium Step-Through (#171560501524)

Positive feedback rating

Very helpful seller, amazingly fast delivery. Excellent quality item. Thankyou.

janic76 256Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499) 

NEW Leitner FOLDING Electric Bike Ebike Bicycle 250W 10Ah Lithium Step-Through (#171560501524)

Positive feedback rating

the bike is excellent thank you.


NEW Leitner FOLDING Electric Bike Ebike Bicycle 250W 10Ah Lithium Straight-Bar (#181597469913)

Positive feedback rating

good product great to deal with

123provan 142Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499) 

Leitner Electric Bicycle Ebike StepThrough Bike 250W 36V 10Ah Lithium 2yrs wrnty (#181644120325)

Positive feedback rating

Good quality, fast delivery. Thank you!


NEW Leitner FOLDING Electric Bike Ebike Bicycle 250W 10Ah Lithium 2yrs warranty (#171556244531)

Positive feedback rating

Great doing business.

86andyy 531Purple star icon for feedback score in between 500 to 999) 

NEW Leitner FOLDING Electric Bike Ebike Bicycle 250W 10Ah Lithium 2yrs warranty (#171556244531)

Positive feedback rating

Highly recommend E.Leitner for a quality product and immaculate service

gnomic09 177Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499) 

Pre-order NEW Leitner Electric Bicycle Ebike Step Through Bike 250W 36V 10Ah (#181520332599)

Positive feedback rating

Great service and support. Quality product. Highly recommended Aussie Seller

stevo356 3610Red star icon for feedback score in between 1,000 to 4,999) 

NEW Electric Bike Bicycle Battery 10Ah 10 Ah Lithium 36V Free Shipping (#171571903332)

Positive feedback rating

Quick delivery, nice looking bike, great ebayer ++++++


NEW Leitner Electric Ebike Bicycle City Bike 250W 10Ah Lithium 2Yrs Warranty (#181520261578)

Positive feedback rating

Excellent service Great bike Quick delivery

slammer_41 75Blue star icon for feedback score in between 50 to 99) 

NEW Leitner FOLDING Electric Bike Ebike Bicycle 250W 10Ah Lithium Straight-Bar (#181597469913)

Positive feedback rating

excellent - quality machine.

macabeef 1467Red star icon for feedback score in between 1,000 to 4,999) 

NEW Leitner Electric Bicycle Ebike Step Through Bike 250W 36V 10Ah Lithium (#181520332599)

Positive feedback rating

All good

Positive feedback rating



RED or WHITE - NEW Leitner Folding Electric Bike Ebike Bicycle 250W 10Ah Lithium (#171359842291)

Positive feedback rating

Great seller. Best product info. Great bike and value compared to other similar

mapmoyle 178Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499) 

RED ONLY - NEW Leitner Folding Electric Bike Ebike Bicycle 250W 10Ah Lithium (#171359842291)

Positive feedback rating

Very positive transaction, couldnt be happier

level270 71Blue star icon for feedback score in between 50 to 99) 

NEW Leitner Folding Electric Bike Ebike Bicycle 250W 36V 10Ah Lithium 2Yrs Wrnty (#171204062202)

Positive feedback rating



NEW Leitner Folding Electric Bike Ebike Bicycle 250W 36V 10Ah Lithium 2Yrs Wrnty (#171204062202)


NEW Leitner Electric Ebike Bicycle City Bike - 2013 Model - 2 Years Warranty (#171143699952)

Positive feedback rating

Seller very helpful, delivery very quick, goods as described

flivver20 114Teal star icon for feedback score in between 100 to 499) 

NEW Leitner Electric Bike Ebike Bicycle - Folding 2013 Model - 2 Years Warranty (#171143699249)

Positive feedback rating

I love my new bike. Fantastic. Friendly, honest seller. Thank you, thank you!!!

hypnojen 1165Red star icon for feedback score in between 1,000 to 4,999) 

NEW Leitner Electric Bike Ebike Bicycle - Folding 2013 Model - 2 Years Warranty (#171158093498)

Positive feedback rating

Nice bike so far, good quality.

everyday61 64Blue star icon for feedback score in between 50 to 99) 

NEW Leitner Electric Bike Ebike Bicycle Step Through 2013 Model 2 Years Warranty (#171138166951)






Karen O

Absolutely love my bike! 

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 08, 2017

What a fantastic bike, I ride it every weekend, I have one and my husband has another style Leitner bike. Have had both of them for around 7 months, great price and quality overall. The only thing I don't really like are the flimsy mudguards, hand grips could be an inch longer, everything else so far I am delighted with.


Changes the way you view cycling in a very good way!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 20, 2017

Coming from a non cycling background, I purchased one of these because of a license suspension and the need to commute. The electric assist makes the impossible possible and a cheeseburger fanatic can pedal (assisted) 40-50km in distance in 1hr30mins and not have a coronary. Build quality is great, just be sure to fully charge the battery and you'll be good as gold. Money well spent and once that off road beast comes back into stock (more power) I will be trading up for sure.



5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 12, 2017

My posterior has never felt so better, the hill climbs were simply luxuriously easy, the foot to pedal was left wanting more upon our arrival, and when other family members took our bikes out for a spin, will all I can say is hey Leitner hope you got more where they came from?


Great experience

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 19, 2016

Ordered this without the benefit of a test ride, but very glad that I did. Sam and the team at Leitner have been very helpful, and the bike itself is well made, and exactly what I was hoping for. Riding uphill is particularly fun, particularly with friends on normal bikes :)


Like being a kid again such fun for older people

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 14, 2016

Leitner Cross X a robust electric bike fun to ride very convenient around small country towns what it cost is soon saved in fuel keeps the car from rough road damage.
Once used to the power system it is a buzz it allows riding on paths in town at slower speed as fast as taking the car into town there is no parking problems and a lot more fun it is like being a kid again, I recommend this bike to anyone living in small country towns



Great Product. Great Service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 21, 2016

This thank you sent to Leitner in response to an inquiry sums it up.
"Thank you very much for your excellent service.
I have recommended your bikes to friends and this type of service and the quality of your product is the reason for those recommendations.
You have certainly raised the bar in terms of competition and service in an industry which needs to be shaken up".



The LEITNER Berlin and Milan electric bikes.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 19, 2017

Since January 2017 my partner and I have ridden 2200km combined total on our Berlin and Milan models. Our impressions reflect all the accolades recorded by other reviewers including build quality, price, excellent service and support from LEITNER, ease of assembly as so on. Great value for money. We would have liked a couple of higher gears and more of an angle on the kickstand when parking on a downslope, but we are very happy overall. A few suggestions: use the walk speed assist (red button on right grip) when pushing the bike up unrideable gravel hills and when starting off when you have forgotten to gear down before stopping; use Castrol Motorcycle chain lube rather than oil for the chain since it does not sling off and coat the rims. At 78 and 67 years old we ride five days per week on very hilly rural roads and the bikes have never let us down. We would recommend these bikes to people of any age.


Great Bike,had it around Three Months, able to Ride without any problems

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 21, 2017

Due to my Right knee I was pretty limited how far I could go on a normal Bike and walk about 4 K. Now i ride around 10 to 20K, or more with no problems. There are some fairly steep hills around here which surprised me how well it i goes up some of them. Had a Problem with the Front Wheel Axle when I first got it, Leitner Posted a complete new Wheel within a week. Cant speak highly enough of them.


use every day excelent quality very comfortablewas

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 07, 2017

Was delivered 4 days easy assembly excellently packed very comfortable seating so glad i chose this brand definitely over the moon with this bike this bike was recomended by person that has the berlin cruiser he was so right i ride it every day hills are not aproblem i am 72 and find it easy to ride good value buy one


Berlin Cruiser

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 14, 2017

I received the Berlin bike yesterday in good condition. I was pleased that much of the bike was pre-assembled and it only took a couple of hours to put it all together. The manual was very helpful. The hardest part was the front mudguard! The accessories were good. It looks great I took it for a test drive and was impressed with how well it ran. I've ordered a $10 wireless computer for it (I had one before and it worked fine). I'm looking forward to many kilometres on it!


Great purchase

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 07, 2016

I was concerned buying an unseen bike online and was a bit intimidated when receiving the 91 page manual as it looked extremely complex. I couldn't be further from the truth. The bike arrived on time and was easy to put together. Riding it is a breeze - I love using it on maximum power. Would recommend to anyone!


Easy exercise.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 25, 2016

Only ordered my Leitner Berlin cruiser the other day. Prompt delivery, easy to assemble and a pleasure to ride. For someone who needs the exercise (as I do), this is a good way to start getting back into fitness, without the strains, aches and pains. Very enjoyable all round. Highly recommend them.


Leitner just the best!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 08, 2016

My Leitner cruiser is just the best thing I have purchased for years. I have many years of cycling experience. This bike is robust , has all the extras and just purrs along our Perth cycle tracks. Excellent value for money. I look forward to riding to work every day!


Leitner Electric Mountain Bike

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 15, 2015

Easy to assemble, good build quality, everything is adjustable to the rider, so when set up this is a very comfortable bike, test ride till 10 pm last night.
Very impressed, pedal assist works extremely well... Highly recomended. 


Great bike great service

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 02, 2017

I have had the bike for 1 year now...I love it. It's a great commuter and it's fun to ride.. my 16 year old son also loves it as he uses it to get to commute to his part time job....last week the charger stop working. I rang up And the charger was promptly replaced under warranty.. so I am very happy with the product and the backup service.


Awesome bike!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 10, 2017

I have MS & have difficulties cycling long distances. Bought the Venice cruiser & I'm extremely happy with it. Easy to assemble & fun to ride. It has opened up a whole new world for me. I highly recommend a Leitner electric bike & can't wait for my next ride!

Maureen Hay


Great Value and Great Bike

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 16, 2017

After visiting 3 bike shops in Canberra, I thought an electric bike was out of my price range. Then I saw reviews on this site about this bike. And I ordered one.

I am very happy with my dealings with Leitner. They delivered on time, kept in contact and the product is excellent value for money. The box was delivered to my home. It took us about 2 hours to put it together. The bike is comfortable and the battery is adequate for my riding.

I had some problems with the gear change slipping. I took it to a local bike shop and had it fixed/improved. At at cost of about $50, I thought it was well worthwhile.

I am very happy with my purchase. 


Model: Tirol Date Purchased: Jun 2017

A very good product for its price!!!!!!!!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 21, 2017

Delivery was fast, the bike looks sturdy and everything is working perfectly...thanks Leitner..
It was very easy to assemble, the motor was powerful enough and it was really quite. The range is good. Already unlocked it to go 25 km/h on throttle.
Me and the partner is now saving up for another one..


Model: Libelle Date Purchased: May 2017

What a great company and product

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 10, 2017

I ordered the bike on Monday and got it on Wednesday at 2PM. BY 2:40PM I was out riding it! So easy to assemble. I live in a very hilly area with some hills impossible even when I was fit (which I am not now). I just set it on "2" and rode up a very steep hill easily! I love the assist, that comes in so predictably, stops as soon as you stop peddling and has the option for no assist. On "1" I still got a work out, which is what I wanted. The front suspension is very good and the finish of the bike is excellent. I went for the 80km battery so I think I will be working towards some long rides in the future!
Thanks so much for a well engineered bike and a great service! 




Model: Super T Date Purchased: Apr 2017


Very happy. Does exactly what it says on the box


5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 23, 2017


The box arrived within a few days of ordering. Be careful cutting the cable ties when unpacking the bike as we managed to mark some of the paint on the frame when carefully cutting through the ties.
We have cycled through several charges now and are very satisfied. The seat is comfortable even on our 20" model. It folds very easily and fits in the boot. On one occasion we also carried it in the cargo hold of a coach. It is easily unlocked to get max throttle and on level ground the bike can go faster than you can peddle. I see the advantage in having the motor mid-mounted (instead of the hub mounted ones on this bike) so the drive takes advantage of gears. We might consider that for our next eBike. Having said that, there is enough torque to peddle up a very steep hill without being too knocked up. The range extended battery seems to go to about half a charge in 20km so I'm unsure if it would last 80km as advertised. On level ground you don't need to peddle unless you really want extra speed. I have a rear carrier I will modify to replace the one that comes with the bike to accommodate my Topeak MTXtrunkbag. I have already replaced most of my inner city trips with the bike. These were previously done on a combo of public and private transport. Even though the battery locks in, I don't feel safe leaving it on the bike for long periods when out and about. The battery rattle a little in the holder but that is fixed by using an occy strap. Using the bike this way will save hundreds a month in tolls, parking and UBER. It was a very good investment but I'd have liked to be able to see one before I bought it.




Model: Tirol Date Purchased: Sep 2016


I used my Tirol model in our Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia - CMCA Rally


5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 03, 2017


I used my Tirol model in our CMCA Rally in Tasmania ( March 2017 ) and I was very pleased, members asked for info about this bike, thanks again .Some members were already using this model , all of us liked because they are strong and with power for any road.






Model: Tirol Date Purchased: Mar 2017


Awesome bike


5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 27, 2017


Recived the tirol on the 24th march , was impressed on the quality, easy to put together, was super happy with the first ride , now I look forward to a daily ride , I have rode it every day with highest pedal assist and battery still reads full on my return home , would recommend this model to anyone,




Model: Tirol Date Purchased: Feb 2017


Great Bike


5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 18, 2017


The bike is great! Went for 20 km ride this morning and was very pleased with the operation of the bike. I did have a 20" E bike before (not a Leitner)) and this is far superior, the controls are easy to use and I can ride the bike without power or power assist and love the fact I have 3 grades of power which was great as I often tow a small trailer with our Jack Russel in..




Model: Libelle Date Purchased: Feb 2017


Best bike ever


5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 07, 2017


Arrive quickly and no damage took my husband about 1hour to put together but he was being extra careful. Charged the battery and off I went didn't want to come home it was so nice to ride will be great to take in the motor home , as we don't tow a car the bike will come in handy to get around and go shopping and site seeing 

Grandpar hoon


Model: Step Through

Ideal for my purpose

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 04, 2016

I am 72 years old with a bad knee and a keen caravan enthusiast and have a product to use both for exercise and caravaning. The neighbors have nicknamed me "grandpar Hoon" as I refer to it as my Harley. Great, fun and easy to assemble and delivery was in 3 days.


Model: Straight Bar

Saves on Fuel!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 23, 2016

Love the bike and the service was tops! Emailed a query and got a phone call with follow-up email as I actually missed the first call. Delivery was within a week....not bad for being delivered to Busselton, WA.
My intention is to use for my 8km ride to work to save taking a Landcruiser that small distance and for caravan holidays. its only early days for me but loving it! Totally recommend.


Slacks creek

Model: Straight Bar

Very well finished, pleasure to ride.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 16, 2016

I take it camping, because I have bad knees the bike makes it so easy getting about, like going for a shower, looking around. The workmanship is second to none, they are so well put together, absolutely brilliant. Thank you Leinter. You have give me a new lease off life. I would definitely recommend your bikes to every one. Kind regards PHIL Smith.

 Rob A

Auburn south Australia

Model: Cross X

I love my new Leitner ebike

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 11, 2016

Fast delivery . 
I had my new bike in six days from ordering.
Rugged durability.
This bike is built like a tank and can easily handle rough country roads and tracks. 
Value for money
At half the price of other dual suspension bikes with equal quality. 
I have had my new bike for six weeks now and are very pleased with it. I took my new bike too Kangaroo island for a weeks holiday. I took it on smooth roads and rough roads, corrugated tracks and sand dunes. It did not fail or brake even on the worst roughest tracks. Very happy with my Leitner CrossX

Paul W

Model: Straight Bar

Love it

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 25, 2015

I Couldn't be happier with the purchase of my Leitner electric bicycle. Very reasonably priced and im very pleased with the time in which it Arrived. So quick. The bike was easy to set up and runs beautifully. Will definitely reccommend this website to anyone interested in buying. Thank you

Pleased Biker

Model: Step Through

Great Bike.Great Service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 24, 2015

Purchased two step through models of these solidly built Chinese bikes. Overall they are of excellent quality and though somewhat heavy they are easy to ride 
.Dealing with Ephraem regarding their purchase and related issues was highly professional.
I would highly recommend without hesitation anyone in purchasing an electric bike to purchase a Leitner model.


Model: Step Through

Hills are no problem.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 24, 2015

I had great trepidation when purchasing this bike as I hadn't ridden for nearly 50 years. I will be 75 in May 2016 and find that the peddle assist fantastic, no hills can stop me. It folds up easily, and fits perfectly into the rear of our motor home. The battery stays charged for a long time.


Model: Step Through

Excellent Product, Price and Service - buy one, you won't regret it!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 19, 2015

I did a lot of research before deciding on a Leitner 20 inch wheel Electric folding bike. Price is one consideration of course, but product quality and customer service is more important. The Leitner bikes come with a throttle and a choice of batteries. These are important attributes. Most brands of folding electric bikes have 6 speed, most have 3 levels of electric "support" and most have a disc brake on the front. To be road legal in NSW you must have a 250W motor (or less). Some models have frame suspension as well as front front suspension,

 New bikers

Model: Step Through

Great bike

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 15, 2015

Had reservations as we are in our sixties and haven't ridden a bike for 25 years. Had our first ride yesterday and we are very happy. Battery assist is excellent. The company is very good to deal with and delivery was less than a week from Victoria to Central Queensland. Thank you for your prompt service. Happy bikers. Bought 2 bikes one each so we can enjoy riding together.


Model: Step Through


5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 10, 2015

I admit I was nervous at buying this bike without riding it. Now that I've ridden it I can't believe it took me soo long to make the decision. Riding is a joy again, my car has not moved from the driveway all week! I sold my beloved Trek as I was struggling to ride to and from work. Now it's a breeze.


Excellent quality bike and service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 10, 2015

Ephraem is a delight to deal with and goes out of his way to accommodate all requests. After waiting for 3 weeks for the arrival of my bike I am very satisfied with the quality and easy set up of the bike. I use it to commute to/fro work and found the ride a breeze and more importantly I have my much needed exercise. Thank you Ephraem.



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Model: Step Through


5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 08, 2015

My bike is great. It took me a while to get used to the weight but now it handles great. The battery is fantastic and long lasting between charges. I ride it without assistance until I get my workout and then I press the little red button and it takes me home. Well done.

les harding

Model: Step Through

Adds to a "perfect holiday".

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 30, 2015

A weeks research online and a few phone calls later we decided on not one but 2 dual suspension, super ts. Easy to put together, great instructions, Ephraem. Great person to deal with. Caravan, boat and 2 bikes. What more do you want? Great Weather! Have fun out there!


Absolutely Thrilled And Satisfied

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 12, 2015

After months of deliberation and finally getting the opportunity to ride a friends Leitner step through I finally brought one a couple of weeks ago. Should have done it ages ago. Quick delivery, easy to assemble and good direct contact with Ephraem, no middle men involved and it even came with a tool kit. Only negative was the screwdriver was a blade type instead of a phillipshead. 
Thanks Ephraem.



Model: Step Through

Excellent product and really good after purchase service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 11, 2015

I bought the Leitner step through electric bike to commute to work everyday about 7 months ago and I couldn't be happier. It gets me to work up hills and into the wind pretty easily and back the 10 km with no problems. The service has been very good and I did have a small issue which was politely taken care of with no hassle. I love this bike and the Leitner company. Best little investment this year. Now for the nitty gritty. I ride 20 km round trip to work mostly uphill one way. I seem to have headwinds in the morning and at night.


Exciting times ahead

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 05, 2015

After a couple of days of researching electric bikes online I decided on Leitner. I spoke with Ephraem after paying online who was very helpful and good to see him dealing directly with customers and their queries. Hubby put them together without reading the manual, with ease, but will look at the manual to double check. Well written manual as well. Awesome, now looking forward to ride them. After riding these bikes must say the seat is so comfy, best one I have ever had on a bike, easy to ride and love it, have even talked friends into buying one


Love my Super T folding bike!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 03, 2015

I am so happy I chose to buy this model bike, the Super T folding bike, so much so that my husband is now getting one! He had not ridden a bike for over 30 years, he tried mine and was hooked! Now we are looking forward to many a picnic this summer, around our beautiful Sydney foreshore.
I had a look on the internet to research electric bikes in general before I bought one, I also went to a Sydney retailer but the cost was nearly double that of Leitner bikes also their bikes did not have the wonderful comfort that the Leitner Super T folding b

 John D

Model: Straight Bar

A very satisfied customer

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 30, 2015

I purchased my Tyrol model folding bicycle 3 months ago and wanted a little time to go by before I wrote a review. First up, the bike and customer service deserve 5 stars, no doubt about it. But I do want to be objective and pass on a couple of small details that some buyers might want to know about. Before that though, at around $1,100 this bike is very solid and well built. I have been riding it about 8 km to and from work a couple of times a week. It can be unfolded and ready to go in just a couple of minutes. There are no nasty rattles and


Verified Purchase Model: Step Through

It's great to get on two wheels again - eBike style!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 30, 2015

Hi Ephraem,

After researching eBikes in several bike shops and at on line outlets, I'm very satisfied I finally settled with Leitner eBikes.
Thanks so much for the prompt service you gave. I'm now the happy owner of a Leitner Libelle electric bike. 
Here's why; 
* My bike was ordered late afternoon on MONDAY, 19 October 2015. Bank transfer payment was made and confirmed the next day, TUESDAY.
* The securely boxed Leitner eBike was lodged by your team with the road freight company also that TUESDAY.
* Three days later, on FRIDAY aftern


This bike is great

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 20, 2015

Love the bike I have hills it has made bike riding enjoyable and fun. I have only been for a couple of rides hope to do more riding soon. My husband assembled the bike for me only one nut would not tighten. The bike is excellent value. I looked at a few bikes.

Purchased at: Melbourne Bicycle Centre

 Anthony Axt


Model: Straight Bar

Highly recommended

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 26, 2015

I purchased a black straight bar folding bike with the upgraded 16Ah, 80 km range battery. The tires have maintained their pressure for months and have excellent grip. Initially I thought the bike was a little heavier than ideal but the weight is low and central and it handles really well, even if the road is wet. Nimble & stable. Cruises at 27 kph on the flat & goes to 34 kph with some enthusiastic pedaling. Head winds or hill, still goes well! The throttle helps keep a good line when taking off from the lights up to 6 kph & if you are in a lo


Jen S

This bike has changed my life

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 16, 2015

After my husbands' car went to the great scrap heap in the sky we had to decide if our family could become a one car family. We were really keen to try to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and we decided I could commute on an eBike. Work is 12 kms away with some nasty suburban hills and there are some very busy roads to deal with. 
Having researched for a few days we placed an order and I am now riding to work after having not been a bike commuter for 20 years. 
The eBike means I can take a slightly longer route via safer bike paths and it tack

Reg Hansen

Model: Step Through


5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 16, 2015

Bike arrived in Augustine Heights Qld within 3 days.
Assembly instructions were plain and simple. I have not owned a bike for 65 years but no problems whatsoever even though I am over 80 years of age..
My wife also thought it was great as our suburb is very hilly. 
Set the controls so that it is not too easy otherwise you will get almost no exercise.

Many thanks for a great eBike at great value

Reg Hansen

 Paul Smth - Perth

Model: Step Through

Best Bike we have owned

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 14, 2015

We use electric bikes for junk mail delivery, so i can say with great confidence that these bikes are very good quality. Considering the amount of work these do ( about 150klms a week - up and down curbs and drive ways ) they are getting the job done. We have had different bikes in the past this one is hands down the best we have ever had

 Jac C


Perfect Bike ...

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 12, 2015

I bought the Electric Bike Step Through 26inch Venice Cruiser and can I just say, the quality is 100%. 
I rode the bike and loved it, the speed on high was priceless in that I sampled a section of the track with my legs in the air and the bike kept going and it felt like a small motorbike..
I cannot recommend it any highly enough, I urge all that are pondering an electric bike that Leitner is the best in the market and I plan to ride more and more

 Peter S .

Model: Straight Bar

Great bike

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 25, 2015

Arrived 5 working days. Easy to assemble with tools and instruction manual. Ephraem answered several questions re the bikes in a straight forward manner. This will give my artificial knees a new lease. Rode it this morning and it's great.

Edward Bromfield


Model: Step Through

Absolutely Marvelous

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 21, 2015

Hi There! This is one of the best investment I have ever made. Great value, great quality , easy to assemble and a dream to ride. I am 84 years young and this bike is so good that I want to offer anyone living in West Australia metro area,and contemplating the purchase. to contact me if the want to see what they are buying . I say this because prior to my purchase, I realy wanted to see one, but there being no outlets in W.A. I bought it on trust of the advertisement. It was a good decision and I have no regrets. This review is for the 24 inch step through. I will authorize Leitner to provide my telephone Number if you decide to pursue my offer. Ted,



OMG ..... This is an amazing bike :)

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 25, 2015

This is the most amazing bike I have ever been on. I have really bad knees, due to lots of sports in my days. I've only had my bike for 2 days now and WOW have I racked up some riding hours, no strain what so ever on my knees. The prompt delivery here in Tassie was great. I got my local bike store to assemble my bike for a small cost, as I wanted everything to be just perfect when I rode it . The nice wide seat is very comfortable, loved the Red colour of it, and the price was fantastic, It was nice to talk to Mr Leitner himself on the phone


Ron W

Amazing bike for what I paid

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 20, 2015

I couldn't ask for a more prompt delivery and the bike went together without any hick ups and I had my first ride today and it was amazing. The brakes were spot on and the gear change was incredibly good. It's still early days but I'm sure the electric motor will increase my range to anywhere here in Canberra.

 Jurg vJ

Model: Straight Bar

Very happy with my new bike

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 13, 2015

Received the new bike in just under 48hrs of placing the order. Assembly was very easy, less than an hour to the first test run. Looking forward to take it up to the Far North with the caravan. It has been a pleasure to deal with Mr. Leitner and I will recommend the product to anyone

 Larry Lai

south perth

Model: Step Through

Unbeatable quality and price

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 06, 2015

Seventy four year old guy like me living and moving around in a hilly suburb finally found a convenient, economical solution to my transport problems. The nuisance of driving and drudgery, increasing effort going on my push bike is replaced with fun and enjoyment going on this ebike. . I bought this walk-through foldable ebike one month ago. It is is truly of excellent quality for the reasonable price. Good looking, excellent manoeuvrability, multiple control options, portability, easily assembled, expert before and after-sale support by Ephraem Leitner are just unsurpassed.

 mar f

Model: Step Through

the bike is good value and amazing to ride

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 14, 2015

Good value with front suspension, disc brakes, front and rear lighting and more.. l bought one for my wife, l loved it so much, l will buy one for myself as well. I emailed the Leitner help line for some advise, and received quick response to my queries. I bought the fold up bike version, which can be folded an placed in a vehicle in minutes.. Its amazing to ride with the sound of the electric motor pushing you along at 25ks an you pass people, they look in amasement. I know l made a good choice in ebikes Thanks Leitner ebikes


David Willis

Merimbula NSW

Model: Step Through

I Love My New Lietner Bike

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 12, 2015

I received my silver step through Lietner bike two days ago and I've already been out riding twice. Yesterday I rode 20 kilometers and it was a breeze. The electric motor made a potentially difficult ride so much easier...and the battery is still showing full! I love it.

 Ian T

Model: Step Through

Handy for shopping

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 20, 2015

I use it every day for shopping, used the car before but was getting too many knocks and dents,so has saved me heaps on repairs. Quality is excellent and still looks like new. Also have taken it on public transport with no problems. Cannot fault it.

Wayne and marg

Model: Straight Bar

Big hit with the grand kids

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 09, 2015

Best things since sliced bread, we are so happy with there performance and they look great too. Thanks for your great service Ephram cheers.

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An excellent purchase!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 11, 2015

The folding bike was delivered in good condition within two days to Millicent SA. The assembly was quick and easy. The overall fit and finish was better than expected. The components look to be of good quality and I'm expecting a long life.
I hadn't ridden in a while (I'm 70) and the bike in non electric mode was flawless although I took a little time to get used to the 20" frame. It's short coupled meaning that actions taken are more immediate. I didn't take long to get used to it though.
In powered mode the instant torque of an electric motor versus an internal combustion engine requires, again, some getting used to. However, that being said, you now couldn't wrestle this machine away from me.

Thank You Mr. Leitner,

Bob Birtig


Great sturdy bike.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 04, 2015

I bought a 26" step through bike online and within 2 days had it delivered to my address in country Victoria unscathed. Excellent service by Leitner and the transport company that was used.

The bike took me a little longer to put together than I expected, but that was probably my fault as I've never been any good at following directions.

I am a 62yo 95kg man and whilst I have to do more pedalling than I expected to get up the steep hills in my area, overall I am very happy with how the bike performs, particularly on the flat and slight declines. 

I have no problem recommending this bike to anyone who wants to buy one.


Great quality Bicycle

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 03, 2015

I have just purchased my second Leitner Electric folding bicycle the second for my wife. I have had mine for the last 12 months and despite all the electric bicycles on the market, We straight back to Leitner. I am a 63 year old who loves the outdoors and despite a bad knee, have no difficulty with my e-bicycle. The product and excellent service from Leitner is a real winner for me. A 5-star rating for sure.


leitner 26'' step through

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 25, 2015

picked up bike from Dandenong sth warehouse, 3 weeks ago .took about 1 hour to assemble & check everything else. charged battery over night, went for test ride next morning rechecked everything, have not missed a day since. it is great to ride & being 73 years old with a crook back & a knee replacement, I have found it very easy to ride. also I get a lot of complements from people saying the bike looks great.


Great little bike

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 24, 2015

Easy to put together, instructions were good, tool kit excellent, have been using it now for a few weeks perfect for going up and down to the shops, have taken it on a few longer rides too. They were a great help.



leitner 26inch bike

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 17, 2015

had my 26inch bike 18months now still enjoy riding never no sore legs the best buy I could see around at time & current battery still good bikes in good condition i look after it to 500km+\- thanks ethram leitner for your help would & have had complements about bike 
GOOD advice & there to help

 Les Cooper


Leitner Electric Bikes

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 13, 2015

Purchased this Leitner electric bike for a 68yo guy who was confined to a motorised scooter, he hated this because he had rode a bike all his life but due to a knee replacement could no longer pedal long enough. Along came Efram from Leitner e bikes. Ordered the step through bike on Monday, was delivered Wednesday the rest is history. TOP Bike TOP Service Many Thanks Les.

 Trevor B

Better than expected.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 13, 2015

My new bike arrived and I found it very easy to assemble with the provided tools. I was a bit apprehensive buying the bike without riding it before hand. I needn't have worried as it has exceeded my expectations.I have been riding it every day.



At last a bike that fits.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 06, 2015

My wife is just over the 5 ft. mark as a lot of ladies will be.
The problem in searching for a bike has been the distance from the saddle to the ground. Also being small the height of the step through is crucial in maintaining stability.
We eventually found the- 20" folding step through - that comes with a very gutsy Lithium Battery.

It is very well made, and comes with lights, battery power indicator and charging cables, a nice stand and a very strong rear steel rack and front and rear mudguards...quality all the way.

One of the most i mportant aspects of the bike for a smaller person as well as any one else for that matter is its low centre of gravity for ultimate control; which is crucial for manoeuvreability as well as mounting and dismounting safely.

For all that the bike offers the price of around the $1000- mark was excellent as was the service from Ephraim in answering all our questions and providing prompt, safe delivery once the decision to buy was made.

Needless to say my wife is delighted.

vicki G


 5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 23, 2014

Arived at my door in perfect condition, brilliant bike, so much fun, great quality and service has been brilliant !!




 5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 13, 2014

We've never bought an electric bike before so my wife and I went out to their office in Doncaster to give a test ride. Ephraem was really good showing all the different types and we made up our mind pretty quickly. Anyway once the payment was made on the website the bike came in about 3 days. Contrary to what others have said the assembly was not easy - the instructions were not very clear and you had to unbolt parts of the bike and reassemble it (I assume make it easier for delivery). If you are not mechanically inclined you may find it a little challenging. Anyway we got there at the end after a couple of hours. Overall the bike seem very solid and it rides very well. The electric motor kicks in as soon as you pedal and I can confidently say that going up a 20 degree hill was not a problem using the most powerful boost. the seat was very comfortable and the breaks are ok. So instead of my wife driving 3 minutes everyday to work she is now riding to her in about 5 minutes. Early days still but happy to recommend the bike.



5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 23, 2014
I purchased this bike ( 26 inch straight bar) about 2 and a half months ago and have ridden about 250kms on it without a problem. I brought it when they were on a great sale price of $950 ( they were still priced for this at the time of writing this review) and at this price these bikes are Excellent value. I looked at replacing my old hub motor for a new one, but when I found these bikes for aro und the price of a half decent hub motor kit, I thought I would purchase the whole bike, instead of stuffing around buying a new kit to put on an old bike.
To tell you the truth after ordering this bike I was a little worried that I was going to end up with a piece of cheap junk, but was very relieved when it arrived a few days later. I was very pleased with the quality of this bike as soon as I opened the box and for the price I can't fault them. I had a minor problem after my first charge, my battery would not charge a 2nd time. So I emailed Ephraem at leitner bike's and he asked me to send him the battery and charger and he will see if he could find the problem. A week later I was back on the road with a new charger as the 1st one was faulty, and leitner bike's even reimbursed me the cost of shipping the battery to them. (I haven't had service like that from any other purchase I've ever made on the Internet previously). 
From the moment you email Ephream he is a pleasure to do business with, very prompt getting back to you,and very helpful. I highly recommend leitner bike's to any one looking at purchasing an electric bicycle. 
As I said I have ridden about 250kms on this bike in 2 and a half months and am very happy with the bike. 
They are pretty spot on with the kms too - I rode the bike with a mix of low , med , high (settings) and just peddling (on downhills and slight declines) and off one charge I got 2 good trips (both on the same day)- one trip off approx 23kms which took 1hr 15mins in the morning- and another trip of approx 20km which took 1hr in the afternoon. 
So with an average of 20km hr riding up some big hills and minimal effort the bike is very easy to ride.(oh and the bike battery wasn't fully dead yet either) . 
I am now towing my 12 month old son in a bicycle trailer/pram behind this e-bicycle and I am glad i have the motor to assist me, otherwise I don't believe I would be able to ride up half the hills in my area without it, while towing my son. 
If you are looking for an e-bike I recommend these guys, they are a pleasure to deal with.


 5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 07, 2014

 This is a very good quality "street legal" pedal assist electric bicycle with about a 50km range with little to no pedaling, and probably much more with some muscle power added in, with a legal top speed of 25km/h

After an exhaustive search online and on foot for electric bicycles, my girlfriend purchased the Leitner 26" Electric Bike two weeks ago, and hasn't had one regret! We chose the Leitn er for all the reasons we didn't chose the other ones - the level of standard equipment you get for the price. Every other electric bike for sale around Melbourne came with a price tag of over $2000, and their quality and equipment levels (quality of the brakes, gears, etc.) were all well under the Leitner's until you start paying around $3000.

I've ridden bikes all my life, for pleasure and competition. I know what's what on a bike and I'm very familiar with all the mechanics. I would highly recommend these bikes to anyone who wants something to make their commute to/from work, shops, friends places or wherever easier, or anyone loves to go out cycling for pleasure and would like a bike that can flatten out all the hills for them. :)

For $950 the Leitner gives you disc brakes front and rear, decent Shimano rapid fire gears, good suspension forks, 3 piece alloy cranks (pedal arms), mud guards, chain guard, good quality panier rack, all on an alloy frame that is properly designed to house the battery and controller out of the way. The controls for the electrics are well thought out and very easy to use. You have a throttle that can get you moving from a complete stop. From there the pedal assist takes over as you start pedaling. The controller panel on the handlebars sits beside the left brake lever so you can easily control it with your thumb without letting go. it has three assist settings, or you can switch the assist, a battery level indicator and a switch for the headlight and tail light for night time riding. The battery is very neatly tucked in between the seat's down-tube and rear wheel, completely out of the way. It locks into place with a key lock that also acts like an ignition key, switching the electrics on or off completely, so you can park the bike, switch the electrics of, but the battery can remain locked into place. 

We went to pick the bike up. The owner of the business did an excellent job of assembling and adjusting brakes, gears, seat & handlebars - everything needed for my girlfriend to take it away and start riding without any problems. He was very professional, very well organised. He has made sure these bikes are well spec'd and are exactly as they are advertised.


 5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 21, 2014
Having done loads of research on electric bikes I bought one of the Leitner straight bar bikes, due to price, style and specs. Easy to use website - delivered in perfect condition to Perth,WA. I'm more than happy with my purchase - great bike, comes with loads of extras and easy to assemble. Great product at a great price.


 5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 10, 2014
I bought one folding bike, then the second for my partner and now two more. What else do I need to say. Great bikes, great person to deal with. Brilliant, easy to fold, easy to ride, easy to transport, uses little power even of steep hills. Great fun or ride to work in your business suit.

+ I can now go anywhere with pleasure.



 5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 22, 2014
Saw on eBay with other ebike sellers. Spent ages comparing, looking at feedback. Talking in ebike shops- too expensive for me. Got it down to between Sapity in Qld/mullumbimby (great web site full of info) and Leitner. Wanted someone in Melbourne in case any problems. Contacted Ephraem Leitner and ordered model with more power, bigger battery. I am 97kg and carry laptop etc to work. 12k each way, mostly along bike paths. The bike flies. Great communication.

+ Value for money. Great communication, Ephraem could not have been more helpful.

A warren


5 out of 5, reviewed on May 13, 2014

After deciding to wait for a step through bike, it finally arrived and I couldn't be happier with it, awesome great looking bike, light and easy to ride, easy to charge, so pleased with this bike, Leitner are brilliant to deal with, good communication, great price, so happy with my purchase now I can exercise without stressing my back a real joy to ride





5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 19, 2014

This was first purchase from BikeExchange and from Leitner eBikes so I was a tiny bit nervous about the transaction at first. However, I soon realised I had nothing to worry about at all! Leitner Bikes provided me with great support. I received excellent and timely communication throughout the whole buying process and the bike was delivered very quickly and was quite easy to assemble. I brough t it after assembly to the local bike shop for a quick look-over and service and they were quite impressed with how quick the bike was and also with the price I had managed to buy it at. 

Although the bike is a little bit heavy to carry, it makes up for it with it's durable and sturdy frame and great power from the battery! Even riding up hills on this bike is a breeze! 

I had a few questions about the bike afterwards and as usual received a timely and very helpful reply from Leitner eBikes. I would definitely buy from this shop again - they have provided me with a great product and great friendly service. I would highly recommend this folding electric bike and also Leitner eBikes to others.

+ Easy to assemble, a great comfortable and fun ride and great value for money!




5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 18, 2013
I purchased this bike on ebay from Melbourne, the contact was very helpful, the bike arrived in good time, backup service was very good. Easy bike to assemble and ride, will be taking this with us on our travels around Australia. Good value for money. will be purchasing a second bike in the near future.

+ Fast delivery, good backup service, the price was right, easy to assemble

- Nothing

Chris Martin



 5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 16, 2013
I am so happy with my new Leitner electric folding bike. It was so much cheaper than other bikes and is of high quality and runs perfectly. The options for power assisted pedalling or straight variable power are just what my old legs needed! I find it easy to ride and operate, would reccommend these bikes for value, service, quality and ease of use.

+ cheaper price than others, easy to use, quick recharging of batteries, quality build.

- Personally I find the seat a little harder than I would like, I added rear view mirror for safety


31 August 2015

Hi all at Leitner,
Received my Berlin cruiser 48 hours after ordering. Awesome delivery
service. Went together easily with just a small tweak needed on the
derailler. Amazing to ride. Just the right amount of boost to have
good exercise without the knee pain. My orthopaedic surgeon loves it
almost as much as I do.
Thank you heaps
Helen (and husband Mike).

 Berridale, 2628 NSW

15 April 2015

G'day Ephraem. Just letting you know I am loving your folding e-bike. This is the third e-bike we have bought of different brands,
and compared to the others it is a limousine compared to an FJ Holden .
Ray Osborn - Mitcham SA


Went for a two and a quarter hour ride on Sunday and happy to say I chose the 16 ah battery as it performed well on high pedal assist all the way and still had one light on battery indicator when I got back home..  Im surprised at the power of this little motor and reckon its not that much less than the 1000 watt bike kit  I bought from dillenger ,in saying that I don't think it ever reached its full power with those little battery... Hope to get a few years use out of the 16 ah one before I need to call you for a replacement,  thanks for a great bike at a great price...Makes  a old guy young again..
Cheers ... 
Pat Roberts Tweed Heads, NSW 28 July 2015

Hi Ephraem 
We got the bike on Friday and took it for a test run over the weekend, was everything we thought it would be GREAT. I was pleasantly surprised by the build quality noting that everything that comes out of china these days. I would like to thank you for what was a pleasant purchasing experience the attention to details and your promptness was second to none.  WELL DONE.
Robert Irving Woollamia NSW


Hi Leitner Electric Bikes – quick email to say – received my bike in good condition, put it together over the weekend and it had it’s maiden voyage to work this morning. Just wanted to say what an excellent product it is – I’m now sitting at work writing this email, refreshed after a smooth pedal assisted ride! I love it already, easy to put together, easy to use and a joy to ride, one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time!
Thanks again

Andy Baker, Fremantle WA

24 April 2015:

I have had my bike for about 6 weeks now and it is great. The components are really good quality and assembly was fine, although I do have a handy husband! I am riding to work most days and it just makes the hills that much easier and I don't have all the fuss of needing to shower and change. Great value for money. Thank you.

Marisa, Perth, Bicton WA 


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