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Which Leitner eBike model is right for me?

Choosing the right bike for you can be overwhelming. That's why we'd like to help you choose the right Leitner eBike for you (guide only, please refer to product description for details).

1) How far would you like to go on one trip?

Short trips, 20km up to 50km: Choose the 10Ah battery.
Longer trips, 32km up to 80km: choose the 16Ah battery.
Very long trips: up to 100km: Buy a spare 10Ah battery. Up to 160km: buy a spare 16Ah battery.

2) Is it important for you to fold the bike
, e.g. to fit it into the boot of your car/camper van or public transport?

Yes: Choose a folding bike model like the AriaLibelleTirol or SuperT
Not important:
 Any model is suitable

3) Is your height 5ft 4in (163 cm) or less ?

Yes: It is recommended to choose a bike with 16" or 20" wheels like the AriaLibelleTirol or SuperT or a model with 24 inch wheels like the Milan cruiser. The bikes with 26 inch wheels may be too big for you (the seat is too high).
It is recommended to measure the seat height on a bike you are comfortable with, even if it's a pushbike. Measure from the ground to the top of the seat.
The minimum seat height can be found in each bike's product description and it currently is about 74cm for the Aria and  79.5cm for the Libelle, Tirol, SuperT and Milan.

4) Are you taller than 5ft 4in (163 cm)?

Most models are suitable as the seat and handle stem can be raised. If you're around 6ft (183) and taller it is NOT recommended to buy the Aria or SuperT  as they may be too small. The minimum and maximum seat height can be found in each bike's product description. 

5) Would you prefer not to lift your leg up high when getting on the bike?

Yes: Choose a step-through design bike like the LibelleMilan or Venice Cruiser.

Do you sell accessories like pannier bags, baskets, ebike carry bags etc. ?

We do sell accessories for the Aria light-weight Electric Bike. For other models we recommend to visit a local bike shop or hardware store and ask them to recommend a suitable after-market product.

Do Leitner eBikes fit on bike racks, e.g. on the rear of my car?

Leitner eBikes can be carried on most bike racks. For some models it may be necessary to buy an adaptor bar (about $60 online) or available at local bike shops.
The racks need to be able to carry the weight of the bike (about 21kg without battery, please refer to product page as weight may vary depending on model).

Do I need a license to ride an E-Bike?

Leitner ebikes with 250w or 200w motors: No license or registration required. The same road rules apply as for regular bicycles. If you’ve lost your licence, an electric bike could be a great option to get around. Most Leitner eBikes fall in this category.

Ebikes with a motor power of more than 250w, for example 500w or 750w must not be ridden on public roads. They should only be ridden "OFF-ROAD".

How fast does it go?

The electric bike motor will accelerate you up to 25 km/h. You can go faster going downhill.
Offroad eBikes with 500w motors can go faster, about 32km/h.

How far can you go on one full battery charge?

The range depends on many factors, including the weight of the rider and luggage, how much the rider pedals, hills, pedal assistance level used and maintenance of the bike like tire pressure and brake clearance. Therefore it is only possible to give estimates of the range.
A 250w, 36V 10Ah battery bike has a typical range between 20km to 50km;  a 36V 16Ah battery has a typical range between 32 to 80km. This can be less or more depending on the individual circumstances. 

Do the electric bikes come with all the extras like mudguards, chainguards, rear-rack, stand, reflectors, front and rear lights and bell?

Yes, most Leitner electric bike models have all these extras included (no rear rack on CrossX mountainbike). Please refer to product description for details.

How long will it take for my electric bike to arrive?

Delivery will be made by courier, usually within 3-10 business days of payment. Some remote areas may take longer. Delivery time may vary for different states and can take up to 3 weeks. 

Does an electric bike make noise?

No. They are not loud at all. Compared to car or motorcycle engines, an electric bike is virtually silent.

Will my electric bike go up a hill easily?

Yes, especially with motor-assist. It will give you more power just when you need it. On steep hills it is necessary to pedal lightly, but it is much easier as compared to a push bike.
Offroad ebikes with 500w motors make it even easier to go up steep hills and almost no pedalling is required (12 degree incline).

Does it recharge the batteries while you pedal?

No. The batteries are charged with a charger. Simply plug it into the wall socket, just like a mobile phone or laptop computer.

How long does it take to charge the electric bike battery?

A full charge could take about 5 hours, but if you have only used the battery for a short time it will take less.

Can I remove the battery from the bike?

Yes, you can remove the battery for your convenience within seconds using your key to unlock it from the frame. It slides out and the seat is especially designed to flip up using a quick release mechanism to make space for the battery removal. Please note you need the key in order to remove the battery as it is safely locked into the frame with a security bolt to prevent theft. On the superT model it is necessary to undo quick-release of seat and twist the seat to remove the battery.

Are your electric bicycles waterproof?

Our electric bikes are water-resistant but not water-proof and must not be submersed in water. We recommend not to ride them in rain, any wet conditions, through deep puddles and the surf.

Will I need to pedal?

Ebikes allow you to choose exactly how much you would like to exercise: you can pedal, use the motor or do both.
Using the standard pedal assist settings you can go up to 25km/h on the flat with light, effortless pedaling.
The throttle can also be unlocked to go 25km/h WITHOUT pedalling (for off-road use only). Instructions how to unlock the throttle are in the manual and it takes about 5 minutes (CLICK HERE to download the manual).
Offroad ebikes with 500w motors can go up to 32km/h on the flat without pedalling.

What does it cost to run an electric bicycle?

Each full charge costs about 10 cents in electricity. If you have used the battery only for a short time it will cost less.

Does the battery need to be empty before I can recharge it?

No. We use high quality Lithium batteries which can be charged at any time. For best battery life keep it topped up recharge it at least every 2 months. It is recommended to charge the battery after each trip.

What is the battery life?

Our batteries are rated at a minimum of 500 full charges. That means if you fully discharge 150 times per year, it will last for about 3 years. Don’t expect to have to replace the battery any time soon. However shall the need arise we do have replacement batteries in stock, prices ($395 for 10ah standard battery *prices subject to change).
Unfortunately the Long-life 10ah (50km) battery which was rated at a minimum of 800 full charges are no longer manufactured.

How much is shipping?

To estimate shipping simply go to the bike product page, click "Add to cart" and follow the checkout instructions. If you are living outside Metropolitan areas feel email your postcode and suburb to and we can look for a cheaper shipping method, for example arrange the bike to be picked up by you at a depot.

Do the eBikes need to be assembled?

Yes. The bikes will be shipped to your door in a box and are easy to assemble. Free tools are included to help with the assembly. Please click here to download the assembly instructions. If you need any help please contact us immediately or ask for help at a local bike shop. It may also be possible to send the bike to a local bike shop who'd like to assemble the bike for you.

How to switch the lights on? Venice, Berlin, Milan, Libelle, Tirol, SuperT, CrossX with LCD Display - WITH speedometer: 
 Push and hold the + button on the display.

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