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Electric Light-weight Folding Wheelchair | Leitner FRANKIE

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The Leitner electric wheelchair FRANKIE can be folded in seconds into a small package for easy transport, for example in the boot of a car. This electric wheelchair weighs only 25kg without batteries, which makes it one of the lightest power wheelchairs in Australia. Travel at walking speed at about 5km/h up to a distance of 20km.


Packed with features this Light-weight Electric Folding Wheelchair will help you reach your destination in comfort and style.

  • folded in 7 seconds to fit into most cars (93x58x37cm)
  • to make it even smaller, remove the joystick (78x58x37cm)
  • weighs 25kg without batteries, 28kg with batteries
  • Lithium batteries can be removed in seconds
  • suitable for most airlines (please confirm with airline and airports before booking flight)
  • travels up to 20km
  • maximum weight capacity: 135kg
  • five different speed settings: from low speed for great agility in tight situations up to walking speed (about 5km/h)
  • joystick control, installed on the right - can be installed on the left by user.
  • small turning radius of about 85cm
  • both arm rests can be flipped up
  • solid PU wheels, 12.5 inch diameter (rear), 7 inch diameter (front). No more punctures!
  • easy to assemble: 10 minutes, no tools required: insert joystick, attach backrest and padding, done!
  • includes horn, battery charger, mudguards for rear wheels and a storage bag below the seat
  • for use on even, paved surfaces

Easy To Charge

Charge the batteries at any standard power socket with the included charger. No need to wait until the battery is empty. Charge it at any time. It takes about 6 hours for a full charge and less for a partial charge. Charge batteries while in the chair or remove batteries to charge outside of chair.

Detailed Technical Specifications | Click To Hide


Two rear drive brushless motors, 24V 250W. Maximum 12 degree climbing ability


Light-weight Aluminum-alloy


Two 6ah 24V Lithium batteries (total capacity 12ah). A single battery has 144Wh, both batteries combined have 288Wh which makes the batteries compatible for transport with most airlines. Please confirm with airline and airports first, as some airlines may have different guidelines. A letter confirming these specifications can be downloaded by clicking HERE Check battery charge by pushing the button on top of the battery.

The electric wheelchair can be operated with both batteries or just with one battery.


Intelligent electromagnetic brakes: as soon as the control joystick is not operated, the brakes will stop the electric wheelchair
-the brakes can be released using two safety releases on the rear which can be operated from behind by foot
-after the brakes have been released, the wheelchair can be pushed from behind or it can be rolled on the rear wheels when folded. If the wheelchair is occupied, it is recommended to use power assistance (joystick control). Pushing the electric wheelchair from behind is possible, however it is harder as compared to pushing a non-motorized wheelchair.

Joystick Control

The joystick is installed on the right armrest. It can be installed on the left armrest by the user. Plus and minus buttons to adjust top speed. 4 speed levels from very slow to walking speed. ON/OFF button, horn button and battery charge display.

Turning Radius



Folded: 78x58x37cm without joystick. 93x58x37cm with joystick.

Fully assembled: 101cm long, 58cm wide, 93cm high (at top of backrest)

Distance from top of seat cushion to floor 46cm, without cushion 40.5cm

Height of backrest approx 54cm from seat to top of backrest

Padded armrests 33cm long, 4.5cm wide

Folding procedure

Release safety clamp at back of chair, fold chair. Takes about 7 seconds.


Padded, flip up. Safety release on outside of armrest.

Travelling Distance on one charge

Up to 20km depending on hills and weight of occupant

Rear Wheels

12.5inch x 2.25inch rear wheels with 4mm deep profile, solid PU

Front Wheels

7inch × 1.77inch front wheels, 1mm deep profile, solid PU


Storage bag under seat: 27cm wide, 18cm deep, 15cm high. Bag closes with a zip, and is attached to frame with quick-release velcro latches


Flip-up footrest. clearance from ground 6cm, slightly angled upwards. Footrest dimensions: 17cm deep, 18cm wide (back), 33cm wide (front), trapez shape

Seat Cushion and Backrest

Seat cushion 42cm deep, 45cm wide. Seat cushion removable (quick on-off velcro). Cover of seat cushion and back-rest are removable and washable.

Maximum Speed

Walking speed about 5km/h


Two rear PVC mudguards


25kg without batteries, 28kg with batteries. Battery removal quick and easy.

Carry capacity

Maximum payload of 135 kg. This includes occupant and luggage.


2A 24V charger - connect to standard wall power socket. 6 hours charge time if batteries completely empty. Quicker charge time if batteries are not completely empty. Batteries can be charged at any time - they don't have to be completely empty.


Spare parts can be supplied. 1 year warranty for motor, batteries and controller for manufacturer's fault. 2 year warranty for frame for manufacturer's fault. Please read full warranty and terms at


Simple assembly needed (attach joystick, attach seat cushion and backrest with velcro).


14 days money back guarantee. If item is returned in original packing and perfect condition the purchase price of the chair will be refunded. Buyer pays shipping cost both ways. Please read full returns policy at

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