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Leitner Batteries
Leitner Batteries

Leitner Batteries

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Please note that there have been battery updates over the years. In order to identify your battery please provide your original invoice and if possible pictures of your battery and labels. Please email sales@leitner.com.au or call 1300 856 725 to place the order. Thank you.

Lithium Batteries for Leitner Electric Bikes

  • 10ah 36V standard battery (up to 50km range on one charge): $395 + $17.65 shipping 
  • 16ah 36V battery (up to 80km range on one charge): $645 + $17.65 shipping
  • 11.6ah 48V fat bike battery (up to 50km range on one charge): $645 + $17.65 shipping
    (limited stock, backorder may be necessary)
  • 10ah 36V Long-Life battery (up to 50km range on one charge): $485 + $17.65 shipping 
    (subject to availability)
Battery chargers for Leitner Electric Bikes (each battery needs a different charger):  $59 + $14.55 shipping
Battery chargers for Leitner Fat Bikes: $65 + $14.55 shipping

Lithium Battery for Leitner Electric Wheelchair FRANKIE

  • 6ah 24V (single battery): $345 + $17.65 shipping 
  • charger: $69 + $14.55 shipping