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Leitner Batteries
Leitner Batteries

Leitner Batteries

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We want to ensure that you purchase a suitable battery as there have been battery updates over the years. In order to identify your battery please provide your original invoice and if possible pictures of your battery and labels. Please email or call 1300 856 725 to place the order. Thank you.





Lithium Battery Type Range estimate Price | add $40 for shipping

standard 36V 10Ah and 9.6Ah

20-50 km


36V 15Ah and 14.4Ah

30-75 km


36V 20Ah and 19.2Ah

40-100 km


48V 10Ah for Fat Bike

20-50 km


48V 14.4Ah and 15Ah for Fat Bike

25-65 km


36V 7Ah and 6.4Ah for Aria

20-50 km


36V 10Ah for Ultimate

35-80 km


24V 6Ah for BILLI wheelchair

up to 20 km with two 24V 6Ah batteries.


36V 10Ah for Santorini/Marbeya

20-50 km


36V 14Ah for Santorini/Marbeya



36V 18Ah for Riviera

36-90 km


Charger Type Price | add shipping

36V 2A and 36V 3A


48V 2A for Fat Bike


24V for BILLI wheelchair


36V 2A for Aria


36V 2A for Ultimate


Prices indicative only and may change without prior notice.